Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences one can have in a lifetime. By choosing your residential moving services company carefully, you can diminish this stress and get it done with minimum hassle. Here are a few advantages our clients enjoy:

Our moving team consists of highly trained and experience professionals. They know how to manipulate all types of items, in order to avoid any damage. Your stuff is safe with us. Besides, all team members were carefully selected, so they are punctual, dependable and polite, ready to listen to any inquiry from the customer and address it promptly and professionally.

By choosing us to help with your residential moving, you won’t have to worry about items mysteriously disappearing on the road. We put together a detailed inventory of all items transported, thus making it very easy for the customer to check whether everything has been delivered to the destination.

We don’t have any hidden fees. Once we agree on a price and sign an agreement, it will include all labor, transportation, fuel and tolls. You’ll know exactly how much you need to pay, so you can budget your moving with very good accuracy. Besides, the moving cost estimates we provide are always free. Just contact us with the details of your moving job and we are happy to come back to you with a detailed offer which won’t cost you anything, even if you decide not to hire us eventually.

Residential moving services can be a tricky job because of the old furniture that may need to be transported from the old place to the new one. A careful and skilled team of movers will know exactly how to disassemble and reassemble all pieces of furniture, so they will be just as they were before the move, in terms of both looks and functionality. All furniture needs to be protected with moving pads, because you never know what can possibly happen during the transportation. Even if you think everything is safe once loaded in the truck, there’s still a possibility of a sudden brake or something like this, so you want to make sure everything is protected.

The use of cardboard boxes is also very important. Our company will provide these boxes for you, so all you have to do is to fill them up with stuff and label them carefully. Boxes are ideal because they are very easy to store in the truck and they offer an excellent protection to items inside. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t fill them up too much, because if they become very heavy, the moving team will have a hard time picking them up from the floor. Our professional staff will give you detailed instructions on how to pack your things properly in order for the move to go on smoothly and without any incident. Fragile items need to be treated with special care. Besides, boxes that contain such items will always be labeled accordingly, so there’s no risk somebody manipulates them without too much consideration, thus risking to damage their contents.

If you’re moving for the first time in your life, our trained staff can assist you in creating a plan for the move. The whole operation should be treated like a business project, with a timeline, due dates, things to do, steps to follow and responsibilities. You need to know at each stage of the project who is responsible for what, what is going to happen and where each of your possessions should be stored at the new destination. This is how you can make sure you won’t have a hard time unpacking.

Moving can be easy, if you select the right team to help and support you.